Sausage & Onion Gravy over Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Received some requests for quick, easy meals! I’ve got ya covered! This is comfort in a bowl! It’s a play on smothered potatoes. But, it takes less cooking time and has more flavor!  I used chicken and green onion sausage, but feel free to use your favorite. Watch me cook… Hope you try this! I know

Lemony Cheesecake Bars with a Butter Pecan Crust

So, as you already know, Coop HATES baking! No, I really hate it! But, my Youtube channel needed some sweetness and my Cookies deserve sweet treats! And these, my beloved, are indeed TREATS! This crust is magical. Don’t take my word for it…TRY IT!! It’s beginner friendly, so don’t be scared! Watch me make these

Cajun Shrimp and Sausage Pasta

I love getting recipe requests! This one’s for you, Sharon! My Cajun Shrimp and Sausage Alfredo pasta! Spicy and creamy. Just how I like it! Check out the video. You don’t want to miss the bloopers at the end. WARNING!! It includes horrific “singing”! Lol Let me know if you try this!  Love, B. Coop

Crawfish Balls

There are two foods I can’t live without. #1 my beloved Pineapples❤️? and #2 CRAWFISH!! You’ll see a plethora of recipes including crawfish, so I hope you love them as much as I do! So…..Crawfish Balls anyone?? These little things are great for parties! SO easy to make! I know you’ll love them. Love, B.Coop

Crawfish Étouffée (Beginner Friendly Version)

Coooookies! Let’s talk Crawfish Étouffée. Étouffée simply means “smothered or suffocated”. And that’s all you’re doing to the veggies in this dish! But I have some beginner Cookies that freak out when I mention making a roux lol So, I won’t share my homemade version just yet. I will do a video tutorial on making