Crawfish Étouffée (Beginner Friendly Version)

Coooookies! Let’s talk Crawfish Étouffée. Étouffée simply means “smothered or suffocated”. And that’s all you’re doing to the veggies in this dish! But I have some beginner Cookies that freak out when I mention making a roux lol So, I won’t share my homemade version just yet. I will do a video tutorial on making

Applebee’s Inspired Quesadilla Burgers with Mexi Ranch

Yooo!! Hot New Video Alert!! lol Hey, Cookies!! So, I love challenging myself by attempting to recreate my favorite dishes at restaurants. B. Coop vs Your Favorite Menu Items! Set up the battle! I’m ready!! lol Today, I filmed my Applebee’s inspired Quesadilla Burgers recipe for you! Check it out! And of course, the recipe

Chicken Cordon Bleu (Cajun Style)

  Chicken Cordon Bleu is perfect as it is. Elegant and delicious! But, in true Coop fashion, I added a slight Cajun twist. Incorporating a few Cajun spices woke that chicken up! This is my take on a wonderful, French classic! Check out my YouTube video for this recipe. Here, you’ll see step by step