Cheesesteak Stuffed Lasagna

Cheesesteak Stuffed Lasagna. I don’t think I need to say much today. Yup. I used sirloin steak, because, well, it was on sale. Ribeye, Ny Strip, whatever floats your steak boat is fine. Just make sure it’s cold prior to slicing. Makes life so much easier. I pop it in the freezer for 30 mins. 

Sausage, Peppers, and Onions Linguine

My favorite, local grocer makes these amazing, fresh chicken and green onions sausage! It’s delightful! And what I love most is that they use non-pork castings. I use them in almost every dish I make that has sausage as an ingredient. Naturally, I had to make a pasta dish with it. You know I love

Baked Mac and Cheese

The Great Mac & Cheese debate has worked my dang nerves! “I like it dry!” “Creamy!” “American cheese has to be in it!” “No processed cheese!!” If y’all don’t sit down somewhere! Goodness! It’s MACARONI AND CHEESE! I understand that everyone has their individual tastes. But, you’ll never know what you like if you only

Creamy Pastalaya

I don’t know what it is about cooler weather and Halloween that makes me want Pastalaya. It’s just what I like to eat while watching “Hocus Pocus”. I know I’m not the only one that gets seasonal cravings! If you’ve never heard of Pastalaya, it’s basically Jambalaya with pasta instead of rice. It’s delicious! I

Steak and Smoked Gouda Alfredo

  I’m playing restaurant wars again. When I can’t figure out what to cook, I think about my favorite dishes at different restaurants. Then, I try to recreate them at home. For my birthday this year, I went to a local restaurant and ordered their Steak and Smoked Gouda Alfredo. It was delicious. It features

Crawfish Alfredo

It’s okay to get lost in this sauce….just in time for V-Day!! My Crawfish Alfredo Recipe is bomb! Most of my best recipes are beautiful accidents. So, a little background on this dish. March 2016, my town and the surrounding areas were literally underwater. A massive flood! So, many lost homes, clothing, etc. But, thank God

One Pot Lasagna

I don’t know one human that dislikes lasagna. Not one. I mean, what’s not to love! Maybe the cooking process. A good hearty lasagna takes time. Ha! Lies. Let me prove it with this Lazy Lasagna! You only need one oven safe pot or skillet. I’m using this beautiful Dutch oven I got for Christmas.

Chicken Spaghetti

“I don’t know, but Paul love it!” EVERY single time I make this, I think about an episode of The Maury Show I watched years ago. Do not judge my guilty pleasure. I love ratchet tv sometimes. Don’t tell anyone though. But, there was a woman accusing her boyfriend, Paul, of cheating on her with