Crispy Fried Chicken Wings Recipe

So, I know this pandemic and quarantine will render countless baby showers this year! And you’re going to need some bomb recipes to serve the shower guests! Cause if I attend a baby shower and the food sucks, I’m taking my gift back! Okay, okay, back on subject. You need my crispy, fried chicken wing

Smothered Steak and Gravy Recipe

The craziness of the 2020 pandemic has everyone desperately in need of a huge hug. And since my arms can’t reach you all, I wanted to give you comfort the only way I know how. Through food! My Smothered Steak and Gravy recipe is my virtual hug to you and your family. It’s warm, filling,

Crawfish Fries with Creamy Queso Sauce Recipe

Here in Louisiana, we FIND things to put crawfish on. Fries aren’t any exception. But, the fries aren’t the star today. Who can’t toss frozen fries in some oil? No brainer. Well, don’t toss ‘em in! That’s a splash you will NOT enjoy. Anyway, I will be giving you the ultimate cheese sauce recipe! It’s

Creole Chicken and Sausage Gumbo Recipe

I can’t have a Seafood Gumbo recipe on this thing without including a Chicken and Sausage recipe. It’s another Southern favorite. Just because it doesn’t contain seafood, doesn’t mean it’s lacking in the flavor department. The same dark, robust roux and the staple “Trinity” seasonings are used in this big pot of love. Andouille sausage

Sesame Chicken Wings

Sesame Chicken Wings. They’re BOMB! You have to make them, so I will not waste anytime talking… Please tell me that I’m not the only one that gets completely grossed out by the sight of raw chicken! YUCK! I can even touch it with my bare hands. I always use gloves. Still gonna eat them

Candied Yams

No Soul Food spread is complete without a baking dish of Candied Yams! Sweet Potatoes will work too. It’s just the right of sweetness to complement a plate full of greens, mac and cheese, chicken…I’m getting hungry just typing this! My way is a time saver. Sweet potatoes, or potatoes in general, can take a