Smothered Turkey Wings Recipe

Ever since I posted my fried Turkey Wings recipe, I’ve been bombarded with recipe requests for the fried version. Finally it’s here! This is pure comfort food! Tender and juicy turkey wings smothered in a thick, savory brown gravy! And the gravy is made from scratch using pan drippings. I worked hard to make this recipe easy peasy!

Spice it Up!

Everyone knows I LOVE a good spice blend. And we definitely have one for these wings! Not too salty and not spicy at all. But, yet, super flavorful. I used my favorite poultry seasoning. Feel free to use yours.

Wangz vs Wings

My local grocery store’s meat department precut my wings or WANGZ! Hallelujah! That saves me some time. No worries if your wings are whole. A quick chop at the joints is all it take. The difference between wings and wangz? Keep scrolling to see how I jazz them up!
I like to add thin slices of onion, bell peppers, and butter. This add a ton of flavor during the baking time. The butter also helps tenderize the meat and keep it moist. So, don’t keep our on that!

It’s All Gravy, Baby!

After baking the wings for awhile, I drain off the rendered pan drippings. I use the fat at the top of the drippings for my gravy. Combine it with flour and you’ll have an amazing roux! A great roux is the foundation to the perfect gravy!

My recipe will yield turkey wing meat that literally slides off the bone! The gravy will thicken even more and stick to the wangz! I serve it all over rice. Throw in some veggies and cornbread for good measure and GOOD EATIN’!

Smothered Turkey Wings Recipe

Southern style, tender, and juicy turkey wings smothered in a thick, savory, homemade gravy made from pan drippings!


Turkey Wings:

  • 6-8 cut turkey wings
  • 2 TBS poultry seasoning I use Chef Paul’s Poultry Magic
  • 1-2 TBS Creole or Cajun seasoning I use Zatarain’s
  • 1 TBS onion powder
  • 1 TBS paprika
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp celery salt
  • 1 TBS Accent optional
  • 1 onion sliced
  • 1 bell pepper sliced
  • 1/2 stick unsalted butter slice thinly


  • Pan drippings from wings
  • 1/2 cup all purpose flour
  • 3 cups chicken stock or broth
  • 2 tsp onion powder
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • Salt and pepper to taste


Turkey Wings:

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F
  2. Rinse the wings and pat dry with paper towels
  3. Mix all spices together in a small bowl
  4. Sprinkle the spices over the turkey wings and toss the wings to coat evenly.
  5. Spray and large roasting pan with nonstick cooking spray
  6. Lay the wings in the pan
  7. Add the onions, bell peppers, and butter into the pan.
  8. Cover the pan with aluminum foil
  9. Bake for 1 hour and 15 mins
  10. Remove pan from the oven
  11. Drain the pan drippings into a bowl or measuring cup.
  12. Place the wings back into the oven uncovered while you make the gravy.


  1. Use a fat separator cup or skim 1/2 cup of the fat off the top of the pan drippings. Reserve the rest of the drippings.
  2. Pour the fat into a pot and heat on medium high.
  3. Whisk in the flour for 2-3 minutes to cook out the flour taste
  4. Pour in the chicken stock while whisking
  5. Then, pour in the remaining pan drippings.
  6. Add in the onion and garlic powders
  7. Continue stirring until the gravy thickens; about 3 minutes. (Will thicken more in the oven)
  8. Remove from heat.
  9. Taste and adjust seasoning as desired.
  10. Pour gravy on top of the wings.
  11. Cover the pan with foil again.
  12. Bake for an additional 30-40 mins* or until wings are tender and cooked completely
  13. Serve over warm rice
  14. Enjoy!

Recipe Notes

*Turkey wing sizes differ. Bake the wings until they are fork tender. This timing may vary. My wings may be smaller than yours. Additional timing may be needed.

Cajun Fried Turkey Wings Recipe

Whew, Chile! I keep getting requests for a fried turkey recipe. You guys trust me more than I trust me! Baby, I’m not ready to fry a whole bird! I need adult supervision with grease! BUT, I will give you the BEST Cajun Fried Turkey Wings Recipe!

I searched every grocery store in my area for whole turkey wings. They were all sold out! I had to settle for the already cut wings. And, I can’t complain. I just rinsed them really well and pat them dry.

Just as I would with a whole turkey, I’m shooting this sucker up with the GOOD stuff! So much flavor in this litte jar!

I like to marinate my wings overnight. But, if you’re short on time, give them at least 4 hours to soak in the flavor.

Using a deep fryer or pan, fry the wings for 7 minutes on one side. Then, flip them over and fry for an additional 7 minutes or until the wings are COMPLETELY cooked.

My Cajun Fried Turkey Wings are the perfect substitution for a whole fried turkey. You may even enjoy these over fried chicken. Yes, they are THAT good!

Happy Frying,

B. Coop

Cajun Fried Turkey Wings
Serves 4
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Prep Time
12 hr
Cook Time
15 min
Total Time
12 hr 15 min
Prep Time
12 hr
Cook Time
15 min
Total Time
12 hr 15 min
  1. 4-6 turkey wings
  2. 4-6 ounces Cajun Injector Creole Butter marinade
  3. 1-2 T hot sauce
  4. 2 1/2 T Cajun or Creole seasoning
  5. 1 T onion powder
  6. 1 T garlic powder
  7. 1 tsp black pepper
  8. Vegetable or canola oil for frying
  1. Inject 1 ounce of marinade into the meat of each turkey wing
  2. Place wings into a freezer bag and refrigerate overnight or at least 4 hours.
  3. Mix all spices together
  4. Sprinkle and rub the spice blend evenly over the wings
  5. In a deep fryer or pan, heat enough oil to cover the wings to 350 F
  6. Deep fry the wings until brown and cooked through; about 14 mins
  7. Drain on paper towels
  8. Enjoy!
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