The Whole Box

Let’s be honest. Eating clean and healthy isn’t easy. All of the “Do Not Eat” lists and ingredient checks can become nerve-wrecking. Especially if you’re always on the go. If you’re strapped for time and are getting bored with your health journey, then this is for you! The Whole Box is a subscription service founded by a good friend of mine. Hey, Katie Belle! The Whole Box delivers clean and Whole 30 compliant goodies to your door every month! I was so excited to receive mine! It also includes coupons to save you some coins! We know that healthy and organic food can be very costly. But, with the Whole Box you save and are introduced to products by brands you may not be familiar with. Katie and her team have definitely did their homework! They select quality products each month while saving you money and shopping time.

Also included in the box is a product guide listing each product in detail. I’ll review each of the items with you:

Cookies, my reviews will always be 100% honest! I will never mislead you or lie for profit. NEVER! With that being said, these Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bars had me shook! I was very apprehensive about try them. I’m a texture girl, so regardless of taste, if it doesn’t feel right in my mouth (PAUSE) I’m not with it! While the flavors in these Wild Zora bars were nice, I could NOT get past how it felt while chewing. If you’re a fan of jerky and turkey bacon, these are for you! The Whole Box provided two packets of Justin’s Almond Butter in the October box. I love almond butter! I especially enjoy it with apples and bananas. ISSA SNACK! Made of only two ingredients, roasted almonds and palm oil, Justin’s Almond Butter is as guilt free as it is delicious!
Before the Whole Box, I have never found a protein bar that I actually enjoyed. RXBar has changed the game! With 12g of protein and no filler preservatives, RXBars have instantly become my go to brand for protein bars. The Whole Bar provided three different flavors and each one of them are GOOD! Two thumbs up for RXBar!Another favorite of the box is the Young Living Lemon oil. This oil can be used in recipes AND in an oil diffuser! Cool, right?? It taste super refreshing and not at all like a bottled lemon juice. It literally tastes just like freshly grated lemon zest! Add a couple drops into your ice water and you’ll never want another glass without it!I just recently started drinking coffee. I wanted to feel more like an adult. I’m drinking decaf. Stop laughing! I know, I know. That’s nothing. I’m taking baby steps, okay?! But, this Nutpods dairy-free creamer is the new companion to my caffeine free coffee. They sold me at “creamy” and that is exactly what it is! It’s unsweetened, so it’s the perfect vegan substitute for half and half. I’ll definitely be trying it in the dressing recipe the Whole Box provided.Chimichurri gets allllll of the heart eyes from me! One of my favorite sauces! So, you know I was hype when I pulled Elvio’s Chimi Rub out of the box! Two words: The Smell. Heavenly! According to the Whole Box’s product guide, this rub is “great on everything from steak to fish…”. You’ll be seeing this stuff in many recipes to come!

I love this box! From the packaging to the quality of each product, the Whole Box has definitely won me over! I highly recommend that you get one. They were nice enough to give my Cookies $5 off your first order! Visit and use the code: COOP5 at checkout. Special thanks to the Whole Box for sending me your very first box for review! 

Happy Cooking,

B. Coop